Gold…time to look at this market again!

Today we’re going to take a look at the gold market. While many traders have been frustrated with this market for the past several month, it has in fact performed quite well given the generally negative feeling for most markets.

While the printing press is going at full-tilt in the US and the fact that most people are not involved in the gold market at the present time, it occurs to us that this market could indeed be setting itself up for a nice rally.

In our new video, I explain in detail some key levels to watch for in the gold market. If these levels are broken then you definitely want to take a position in the direction of the major trend.

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The Bank Stress Test …Do you Believe It?

The bank stress test, do you believe it?

Since my return from holiday, I have been scratching my head wondering why the market (in this case the S&P) has moved so high for little or no reason. The economy still appears to be very much on the defensive with unemployment rising and the business environment still on a slippery slope.

I made this video before the stress test was announced and I suspect that all of the stress test leaks have already being discounted by the market.

My new video is a follow-up from my April 14th video that I made before I left for New Zealand. If you have a few minutes, please take the time to view it. I think you will find it interesting that my observations may conflict with current market trend.

With the Obama honeymoon coming to an end, we are going to see how the markets move without government influence. There has never been a government that was able to dodge a major business cycle… and this one sure is a doozy.

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New Video: How to play short term pops

We’re often asked and confused how to know and play  short-term pops?  Regardless if you are look at stocks, futures, or the forex market, it’s always the same…
With these Alerts you are getting a warning of a major move. It’s not that you are reacting to fundamentals, it’s just that when the technicals align, you are the first to know.
You see, no matter what happens, what methods you use, or what markets you trade, the following is always true: If you’re the first to know, you’re the first to profit!
This applies to our trading strategy, MarketClub Alerts, and the steps we need to take to capture profits and stay on the winning side of those short-term moves.
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The Perfect Time to Invest

Question:I’d like to start investing my money this year, rather than just letting it sit at the bank. However, with the way the world financial crisis is unfolding, I am a bit apprehensive. Some people said wait first before investing in the stock market. Others say take advantage of the low prices now. When is the right time to invest given our situation globally? I want to make sure my money will earn.

Answer: The world is indeed experiencing a financial crisis which some say is similar to the Great Depression in the late 1920s. Times are hard, and no one is immune to the crisis’ effects. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good time to invest. Find out here when is the “Perfect Time to Invest?”

New Video: How High Can Apple Go?

In this short video, we will take a look at Apple, Inc (NYSE_AAPL). We have that many loves Apple products just like me. I have an iPhone, an iMac and an iPod touch and several other Mac add-ons.

I have always loved their products, but I tend to be fickle with the stock. Thanks to our “Trade Triangle” technology, I have fallen in love all over again with Apple’s stock. I had been looking for this market to move lower based on the economic conditions and the market action, however this proved to be a false indication as Apple has moved to its best levels in quite some time.

I’ve just finished a new video on Apple, my first video on Apple in a while. Take a look and I’ll give you my thoughts and target zones for this very exciting stock.

The world has changed, it is not a buy and hold market anymore. You need to be nimble, trade with a game plan and be disciplined. Those are the key mantras of a successful trader.

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Separate Yourself from the Crowd: A MACD Contrarian

One have to learnded to do things differently if you expect to beat the averages. And one have to know how to separate oneself from the crowd if one wants to avoid of being trampled by them. The most popular technical indicator available today– is to fade.

The single most followed technical indicator is the MACD. It’s probably the first tool an investor or trader is ever presented with. It’s probably the most easily understood, too. As such, and like most popular investment tools, it has almost completely lost its utility, and I have discovered that the MACD is more effective and more profitable when used to fade signals, rather than to take them.

Take a look at this simple chart of the weekly MACD (using the default settings). Now, note that nearly every cross-over Buy and Sell on this chart was a fade within a week or two.


It’s uncanny. Not perfect, not usually long term, and not always easy to trade, but almost always there was an opportunity to make money trading against the signal in pretty short order, even if it’s going against the larger trend.

What that means is that any “system” that relies upon MACD cross-overs is likely to lose money. That’s why, with a little trading expertise and some fine tuning, the few traders who know this little gem can winnow out some fine profitable trades when others are suffering draw downs over and over.

This approach can be used for almost any trading tool that has a wide following. It works on multiple time frames, too. This is especially true if there is a long history of profitability that neophytes can build their confidence with. If less sophisticated traders can be predicted to go long or short reliably, there’s a good chance that the trading “sharks” are going to exploit that.

If we can identify what the herd is doing or is likely to be doing, then we can avoid the fleecing that they’ll be subjected to and quite possibly even manage to improve our equity lines.  Click here to find out more stocks investing tips…

Trade Like A Machine…

Trading is a very exciting investment vehicle. Very exciting if you get or make profit on your trade. There can be times that you feel like it’s so easy to make money and quick cash. But it may also a very disappointing investment. Specially when you see your money or profits melting and you don’t know what to do. It feels like that you don’t want to finish or close the day without taking back the money that you lost.

This is because trading is an investment vehicle that requires a large amount of self-discipline. You must be able to ride-on without having a huge amount of emotions attached inside your head. You must always prepare and be aware of what will going to happen to the market. You can’t be thinking, “ I’ve got to make money today because… “ the market doesn’t work that way.

Even for a short term trader the stock market is still a long term strategy. The difference is, if you are a short term trader you have to rely on the long term outlook. You may lose a little here or win some there, but in all you should be heading up, in the long term.

Taking out the emotions during trading means you have to be able to follow your system that you have made and set. Don’t get high when making profits or getting depressed when losing. The ideal way is to trade like a machine, trading without feelings. Everything is set automatically and work mechanically. Once the settings are made, the machine does not wonder or think, it simply follow. And if you want to be a great trader, you must be disciplined enough to follow your settings and rules.

In order for you to trade like a robot you need to do 3 things.

1. Develop a set of rules that you use to determine when to enter or exit a trade. Every trade you take should follow your rules.

2. Test your rules by back testing and paper trading. This is the best way to figure out if your rules will work in the long term. 

3. Follow your rules. Never hesitate to buy when your rules tell you or sell when your rules tell you.

These three steps allow you to make money in the markets and allow you to trade unemotionally.

Watch the new updated analysis video on “Market Video Analysis” portion to learn the new trend of the market. Enjoy watching…

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